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With an intriguing gastronomic tradition, mainly based on Italian and Turkish influences, a big variety in rare shells, mollusks and fish, like the famous baby prawn, high quality products such as thyme honey, prickly pear and sage, Symi inspires us to offer a creative menu of Greek cuisine that is constantly renewed.

Petalo Restaurant 1
Petalo restaurant table at sunset.
Petalo signature dish 1

Every year, we are constantly looking for handwritten recipes that are well-guarded by grandmothers, new ingredients and professional producers, and we offer dishes that revive memories from the childhood in festivals and family gatherings around the table.


Our purpose is to save Symi's gastronomic heritage, to be continued, and present all the new beauties, the local cuisine and its history to the visitors.

Akoumia” with thyme honey, “cakes” mixed with a variety of different kinds of cheese, dolmades, crunchy baby shrimps and spaghetti with skulls are always in the menu.

Petalo Akoumia
Symi Akoumia at Petalo.
Petalo signature dish 4

Additionally, there are excellent choices for pasta and seafood, such as sea urchin spaghetti, well-cooked meat coming from the island and the wider region of the Dodecanese, refreshing salads with seasonal vegetables and legumes, a big variety of starters such as roasted squid served with ink and the fish of the day, and of course delicious sweets as dessert.

If you choose to have lunch after swimming, you can sit in the comfortable chairs under the big rotonda, enjoy the magnificent view of Yalos and accompany your food with a cold Greek beer from the list.

In the evening, relaxing under the distinctive candle light and listening to the melodic sound of the sea, enjoy your dinner along with a bottle of wine from the Greek vineyard.

Petalo Restaurant 6
Petalo restaurant table, afternoon harbor view.

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Whether you visit the restaurant at noon or night, our team will be there to welcome you and suggest dishes you could not easily forget.